Pair again the phone with the Raspberry Pi with the new name Pro Preview

We've changed the name of the Raspberry Pi from PerfectPi to Robopberry. Do we have to do anything else? Should we change anything in the phone settings?

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  • 19 Feb 2018



The name is new, but the id is the same

After we change the name of the Raspberry Pi from PerfectPi to Robopberry we don't have to do any new configurations. Each Bluetooth device has a pretty name and an id. We've changed the Pretty name, but we've not changed the unpretty device id. We can continue using the device with the phone. 

The old name is still visible

If the old name is still visible, then remove it by pressing on it and selecting remove and refresh the Bluetooth connections. The new name of the controller will now be visible.

Worth checking

It is worth checking that the phone could see the new name of the Raspberry Pi. Here are a few screenshots from the Bluetooth settings and from the Bluetooth control application.


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