SD cards get corrupted on the Raspberry Pi because of current flowing from the batteries Pro Preview

Sometimes, like a lot of times, generally quite often, the SD card will be corrupted in our current setup and you will have to burn the SD Image again on the SD card. It is very important to remove one of the jumpers of the Motor Driver to avoid this. 

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  • 23 Mar 2018


Remove Motor Driver jumper to avoid current flowing from the batteries to the driver and thus corrupting the SD card.  

Why does it happen?

After you turn off the controller from the power-bank the batteries will continue powering the system and returning current back to the controller. This current is small - about 700mA-800mA and is not enough to power the controller properly. But it is enough to corrupt the SD card image and you will have to burn it again.

Picture of the driver

In the picture, you could see the bad boy highlighted. It should be removed.

Here is how it looks like after it is removed:


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