1. Lesson 1

Oya Bot - Compact Motor Attachment LEGO Robot

This LEGO Mindstorms robot base is small, compact and packed in a very small volume. The goal of this constructions is to be used as a base and to show yet another way to experiment with adding motors to the brick.

EV3 Phi. 90 degrees turn with LEGO Mindstorms robot

90 degrees turn for the robot is different from 90 degrees turn for a motor!

90 degrees for the motor

Ninety degrees is a quarter of rotation of the tire. During a pivot turn, only that motor is turning. A quarter of rotation is very short distance and the result is that the robot moves only a little.

90 degrees for the robot

The expected result of a 90 degrees turn for a robot is that the robot is turned in the space 90 degrees to the side. That turn is very different from 90 degrees for a motor.