Precisely dropping the chicken. FIRST LEGO League Trash Trek 2015 Pro Preview

This is one of the very interesting attachments by the ELM team. It is using rubber bands and some rubber to precisely drop the chicken. Very interesting way. Check it out and try to learn from it. 

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  • 17 Apr 2016
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FIRST LEGO League Trash Trek 2015

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Our next mission from the FIRST LEGO League 2015 Trash Trek is to place this small element. It's the chiken. And it must somehow be transferred, transported by the robot to a specific place on the field and left there. So let's see how the ELM Team are doing this.

For the chicken we use this large attachment. It's not always a very good idea to build such large attachments that are doing everything but the ELM Team has an interesting attachment. And we have the chicken. And we place the chicken right here. We have a rubber band attachment.

And if we place this lever up because of the rubber bands the chicken stays. And now when we move, we move on the field and we are moving with the chicken. We just place it like this.

And now when we reach the place where we want to lift the chicken we just move this lever with the motor. And there is actually another lever that is moving this lever and it's complex but it's very interesting because when we move the lever the chicken falls. And this is because of the rubber bands that are wringing these two rubber parts together and when we move the lever we see that we can release the cargo. We can release the chicken. So, it's a pretty interesting way to solve this mission. Let's see how the ELM Team are doing this.

We also have a couple of other videos on the subject of a rubber band so you can check them out below the video. And you can see how to use rubber bands for other attachments that you're using. And we'll now continue to the next attachment in our next video.

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