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EV3 basics course. Ultrasonic Sensor. Tasks (part 5) Pro Preview

Tasks for school STEM classes or home exersie. Try to solve them to submit your solutions below.

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  • 18 Oct 2015
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EV3 Basic Course. Introduction to robot programming, construction and sensor use

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In this video I would like to some tasks for the ultrasonic sensor so that you can program it by yourself and you can experiment with it.

The first task is to make the robot move away from an object. In the previous video we built a program where I'm moving an object, in this case my hand, away from the robot and the robot is following my hand. Now let's try to build the opposite program. I move my hand to the robot and the robot moves away from the object. So that's the first program. The second program is actually to turn the robot and the moment you find an object, for example, a bottle. When you find the bottle to move and to push this bottle. Of course, there are many other tasks check out the description below the video. Try to solve them, record your programs, record a video of the robot, upload them and share it with us, so that we can give you more feedback on the programs.

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