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How to on 'Easy Detach of Modules' in LEGO Mindstorms. Example with Robot Inventor Pro Preview

On every FIRST LEGO League competition and generally robotics competitions with LEGO robots, we build attachments to accomplish missions and we must accomplish the missions in a limited amount of time. Most of the time we can not accomplish the missions with a single attachment and we have to change attachments. This is where building robot attachments that are easy to remove really makes sense. In this tutorial we discuss some of the things that should be considered in the building Easy to Detach modules and attachments

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  • 08 Apr 2022
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This tutorial is the LEGO MIndstorms Robot Inventor version of the popular example with the SUV box robot from LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 How to on 'Easy Detach of Modules' in LEGO Mindstorms. Example with SUV Box Robot. The EV3 version had more parts. In the current Robot Inventor 51515 set we don't have enough parts to demonstrate the same principle, but we try to at least explain it

Number of hands

When building attachments consider the number of hands that you are using to remove and add attachments. If you can build an attachment, module of the robot, that could be added or remove with a single hand that it will be much easier during the competition

Direction of pins and locking

Some modules need to be locked. That's for sure. Consider the option to place the pins in a direction that would make unlocking easier.


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