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FLL 2021: Deliver/Push a model - 10 out of 10 on how to accomplish Unused Capacity mission Pro Preview

This is a 10 out of 10 tutorial that demonstrates the consistency and reliability of the robot to complete the Unused capacity mission. In this mission, we do not need any guidance to push the model as it is near the west side where it should arrive.

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  • 20 Sep 2022
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This is a ten out of ten recording of how to accomplish the unused capacity mission model from the FIRST LEGO League Cargo Connect competition. This here is the LEGO Education SPIKE Prime robot that be used. And the mission model. And we must push this mission model to the east side of the field, must deliver it there. The mission model is near the base. Move forward and we push it. We deliver it on the east side of the field, on the west side of it. This is the west side of the field.

Now, there is more to this mission. And if we take a look at the rules of this mission, we can see that this new container, it should contain a few more parts. We must bring it back. We must put the parts in it and then deliver it to this field. Or we must first deliver it. And when we deliver it to the west side of the field, then is the time when we can take and with our hands, we can put a few of the orange parts inside of the container. And you can see the orange parts in the upper right of the recording. So these are LEGO beams that we must put in the container. But because it is way too difficult to use the robot to place these beams inside of the container, that's why we move. We reach the container, we push it to the west side of the field, and then with the hands, one of the technicians could take and could place the parts in it. And you see that it's successful every time. No attachment needed, no special alignment following the algorithm. It's a mission model that's near the base and it's quite easy to accomplish the mission. A few more times. Move, push with deliver. Do we need some guiding axis, as you saw in the Innovation Project model? Well, probably not. We could, but we don't need to guide the container that much.

One more time and that's it. Ten out of ten in the next tutorial.

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