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Arduino Basic Course. Uploading program to the controller and configuring the controller Pro Preview

To correctly upload the blinking diode program to the controller we must first check some of the configurations of software. These are the "selected controller" and COM port

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  • 15 Nov 2016
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USB cable connection

Make sure you've connected the controller with the USB cable.


In this menu make sure you've selected Arduino/Genuino Uno

Tools-> Port:

In this menu make sure there is a port selected by the software and that this port says Arduino/Genuino Uno


In this video we'll check some of the configurations of the software to make sure we can upload this blinking program to the Arduino controller.

First, you must make sure that you've connected the Arduino with a USB cable to the computer. Then in the software you go to Tools>Board and here you must check that Arduino Uno is selected. That's very important. And the other thing that you must check is that in the Port menu you have the Arduino again checked. In my case on port COM6. Now, if you haven't connected the Arduino this will be empty. So, you must make sure that the Arduino is connected. In this configuration it might be possible that you need to install some additional drivers for your computer. But that's specific for every computer. So, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask us below in the comment section. After you've configured this and you've checked the configuration uploading the program to the controller is very simple. You just click on this Upload button. The arrow to the right.

It takes a few seconds for compiling, connecting with the Arduino and uploading the program to the Arduino. The correct term is upload. At the end you see this Done uploading. Let's see how the program works.

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