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Improving FLL Robot Game. Task. Build a robot base.

Build a robot base to use in the course. You can use the robot base provided by us or you can build one yourself. 

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  • 06 Mar 2017
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For the course, you should build a robot base. In the course, you could find instructions for a number of robots that you could choose to build or you could use even another robot. 


Here is the task: build a robot base. You can use a robot base from a previous competition that you've been to, you can use our robot base this is the Box Robot, too. You can even use the Box Robot One as a robot base. You can use one of the Five Minute Bots as a robot base but I would not recommend it because there are many different things to add to this small Five Minute Robot to make it actually lift. You must add a third motor, for example. So, build the Box Robot and continue with following the course. After you've built it send us a few pictures or a video of how exactly your robot base looks like.

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