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Improving FLL Robot Game. Beams on all axles of the gear wheels Pro Preview

The most stressed wheel in our system is the driven wheel. We've already fixed the problem with the driving wheel of the scissor mechanism and now it is time to look at the drive LEGO Mindstorms wheel. 

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  • 27 Mar 2017
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We've added a beam connected to the axles of the driving and the driven wheel of the scissors mechanism. This prevents the whole robot construction from bending. 


The most stressed wheel in our system is the driven wheel. So, we fixed this problem where we have a beam on both sides of the these two gears wheels. And now we need also a beam at this side of the gear wheel. It is mush more easier to bend the whole construction right here between the two large gear wheels. And this one is the last one - the driven one. And it's much more easier to bend the construction here than to do it right here where we have the small gear wheel because when we have the small gear wheel it will actually be the largest that is bending. But right here we have two 40 teeth gear wheels and they will bend. So, we must find a solution and our solution we've implemented it in our attachment. It's right here. How does it work? Let me just take an axle to show it. We have a beam that's connecting both of these large 40 teeth gear wheels and in this way the whole construction cannot bend here. And then we have this beam that's extended to the back of the attachment that assures that this small 8 teeth gear wheel will again not miss a teeth. And in this way we have the 3 wheels with beams on both sides.

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