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Tetrix FTC. How to store and empty a container with balls Pro Preview

The next challenge of the course is to build a container where you could store the balls (objects) that you are collecting. The first thing is to see how it works as an end result. You can use the same principle during FIRST Technical Challenge competitions. You can also fire the balls, just by rotating the axle in reverse. 

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  • 26 May 2017
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Our next goal with the course is to solve the next challenge: How do you build a container where you can store the balls or the other objects that you are collecting? And we've prepared a number of videos in which we'll discuss the pipe, how we cut the pipe, how we rotate to store different objects in our pipe. Let's see first how it works. Here is the ball that we would like to collect and we've discussed this mechanism with the plastic plate and the axle for rotating this plastic plate and it was just collecting the different balls on the field. But if you would like to put them somewhere some of the most difficult ways you ca do it is to use a pipe and that's why we stopped at a pipe because it is actually moving the balls up. And how does the pipe work? I'll use the gamepad and if I start,

and now the ball is collected. And I could take another ball

and here I have a third ball.

Now, of course, we imagine that the robot is moving and I'm not moving it because we are on the table and we don't have enough space to record this and the next thing that's interesting about this robot is that if you rotate the axle in reverse, it will fire the balls like this.

Of course, it requires the robot to move slightly to the back but that's an interesting feature of this whole mechanism. So, in the next few sections we'll give you some building instructions for this mechanism along with some explanation how exactly you cut this pipe, what you should buy and how you prepare this collecting and storing mechanism. We tried to build the robot and the mechanism in a way you can directly apply it in your competition, in your classes but of course it's worth mentioning that this mechanism is showing the principle and it's providing ideas of how you can actually collect balls or different objects, how you can store them and how you can fire them. And of course you can modify this depending on your needs as long as you follow the same idea. And while discussing the idea we'll discuss also some of the other modifications that you can do to modify this whole mechanism for your competition.

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