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Fun with the cars in class. Teacher's Note

In a group of students, you would have a number of cars. These are some of the rules when having fun with the cars.

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  • 01 Feb 2018


Don't allow the students to bump the cars into each other. This could break them.


Having fun is great, but be careful with the timing. 10-20 minutes for a fun activity is great before continuing with the course. Spending more time will distract you too much from the goal of the course.

Different student ages

Generally, if the students are at a different age they would have fun in different ways and for different durations. Observe the group. 


Try to get the maximum of this fun activity by doing some "scientific experiments". We've provided a number of tasks for the students, but you can add additional to your class based on the age of the students and their interests. You can talk about cars, about car competitions, about physics with the different measurements you take from the experiments. The goal is to do experiments. 


Be very careful with the batteries. It is very easy to drain all the power from the batteries now and you won't be able to continue the class.

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