Teacher's Notes: Solutions of the challenges with the Pressure Plate robot Pro Preview

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  • 08 Feb 2019

An exemplary solution to the tasks in the section "Creating our own Alarm" and task "Add Status Light to your alarm. Program the brick to change the green light to yellow or red when the alarm goes off.":


An exemplary solution to the task "Program the pressure plate to ring the alarm when the phone is lifted off by using a wait block.":

Cut the wire - Is there an alarm when you disconnect the cable of the sensor?:
To solve this task, you should know how the touch sensor works. The touch sensor closes an electric circuit. Therefore, when we cut the wire, the program will see the sensor as if it has not been pressed.

Now have some fun! Try to cheat the alarm. Steal your phone without ringing the alarm or shutting down the robot.
You just have to put something heavy on the plate or press it by hand and then remove the phone.

An exemplary solution to the tasks in the section"Finding the direction of an object with Pressure Plates":

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