Teacher's Notes: Solutions for the Bat-like robot tasks Pro Preview

Bellow you can find example solutions to the tasks from the rest of the lesson. The solutions can be downloaded from here.

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  • 20 Nov 2018

The decoration of the robot so that it looks like a bat aims to give enough time to the slower building teams to catch up. Wait for the moment, when all of the teams have worked on the decoration for at least 5 minutes and then introduce to all of them the new theory. The tasks are not that clear about what should happen. This is so in order to keep the story behind the lesson. You will need to clarify the tasks where needed. Just try not to go in details such as exactly how many degrees or centimeters. Left the students to figure out the values on their own.

Example solution to the task "Bat stays hidden and waits for its prey before attacking"

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Example solution to the task "The bat is moving forward until it detects an obstacle and stops"

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Example solution to the task "The bat avoids an obstacle by turning to the side and stops at the next obstacle"

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Example solution to the task "Hunter - the robot spins in place until it detects prey. Then it attacks forward"

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Example solution to the task "Program the bat to wait till his prey gets close and then attack. Program it to continue his attack till it bites his prey with his touch sensor."

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Example solution to the task "Program the bat to move till it bites something with his touch sensor and then to turn around and go hunting again."

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