Teacher's Notes: Solution for the Weighting Plate 3.0 Tasks Pro Preview

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  • 08 Feb 2019

In order to use the weighing plate, we should first explain its working principle. The weighing plate is a rubber piece that goes down due to the weight of an object. The change in height decreases the distance between the plate and the color sensor. Therefore, the amount of reflected light is different, which changes the value measured by the sensor. In fact, we have some sort of a weighing machine.

An exemplary solution to the tasks in the section "Creating our own Alarm"

Let students have some fun with the alarm. It is important to use a tone and change its duration. 

An exemplary solution to the tasks in the section "Wait Block Tasks":

You should first show the port view option to students. Then, they should find the value measured by the sensor.

An exemplary solution to the task "Program the alarm to ring when the value of the sensor is not equal to yours. Use wait block.":

You can explain to students what "calibration" is. Use the wait compare block.

An exemplary solution to the task "Program the weighing plate to wait for a change of 2# and ring the alarm."

An exemplary solution to the task "Now have some fun! Try to cheat the alarm. Steal your phone without ringing the alarm or shutting down the robot.":
When the color sensor cable is cut, the program will receive a value of 0. This is a huge change that is detected by the wait change block and the alarm is set off.

Exemplary solutions to the tasks in section "Program an alarm deactivation button". The task is explained step-by-step in the subtasks:

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