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Notes on building the FiveMinuteBot

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  • 19 Mar 2017
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The name of the robot is interesting. It basically means that you could build the robot in about 5 minutes. But this is if you have the experience. Generally, students could do it in about 20-30 minutes when building it for the first time.

You can even have a competition with your students. An experienced teacher from our team managed to build this robot without instructions in about 2.5 minutes. 

Five Minute Bot

Building instructions for a LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Robot that we call the Five Minute Bot because it could be built in Five Minutes.

Note: If the robot is making inconsistent turns due to the floor, modify the castor wheel so it is placed further back in the construction. Thus the center of mass falls more over the tires and the turns are more consistent.


A few notes for the teachers when using the Five Minute Robot in class. The Five Minute Bot.

One of the very funny things about this robot is the name. Because we call it a Five Minute Bot and it will take students approximately 20 to 30 minutes to construct this robot. So, you can always use the name as a joke for this robot like 'I'm giving you this Five Minute Bot but I'm sure that nobody will do it in 5 minutes.' Or something of that sort. And the name is funny because you can actually track them and measure them. It is possible to do it in about 2 minutes when you have all the parts removed and sorted and you can just use them so they are not in the box. But if the parts are in the box it will take you more than 5 minutes. But we've done a competition in our team and it's like in about 2 minutes you can construct this robot. The next thing is the steel wheel at the back of the robot and this wheel comes only with the EV3 sets. This wheel is not available in the NXT sets. And it was something new introduced with the EV3 but our experience with this steel ball is not that good because it provides a very easy solution to a very complex problem. And most of the students just fall back for this solution. And then they learn to use only this type of wheels as back wheels. Only the ball. And these are the few things for the Five Minute Bot.

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