Teacher's Notes - Summary of the 'Differential' lesson Pro Preview

This is a brief summary of the tasks in the lesson and the experiments with the differential that the students will conduct during the class. Bellow you can find a list of the tasks and what to expect from them. Take a look at them prior to the lesson, so that you there will be no surprises.

The students have already built stands in the previous lesson and it is expected that they will need lesser time to build it this time. They will conduct the same experiments, but as they will use different construction, we can expect different results.

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  • 02 Sep 2019

The task "Rotate one of the driving wheels by hand. In what direction the other wheel is rotating?" aims to show the students that the wheels rotate in different directions, before they extend the differential with a locking mechanism.

The task "Program the vehicle to move forward. Do driving wheels rotate in opposite directions?" aims to surprise students that suddenly the wheels rotate in the same direction.

While on the stand, before there is a locking mechanism, the motor will transfer the power to the lease resistant wheel i.e.. the one that is in the air.

The task "Lock the differential and try to rotate one of the wheels by hand. What is happening?" the students will notice that the wheels resist the rotation.

When the differential is locked, the motor will transfer the power to both wheels and the robot will fall down off the stand. Make sure that the robot is not on the desk while conducting that series of experiments.

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