Teacher's Note: Solutions for the tasks for the yacht robot Pro Preview

TL; DR: The goal of today's task is for the yacht to follow a line (GPS), to detect when it bumps at something and to stop.

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  • 29 Apr 2019

The goal of the task "construction and theory" is for the students to feel like "billionaire", by developing their own design for the yacht. This task, along with constructing the robot should not take more than an hour. If you see a student trying to build something very complex, you should stop her before they've went to far. 

We start by following a line. It is not the basic part of the class, but you could spend more time on it if you like. Based on your judgment you could skip the lesson for following a line with a switch block. 

You would need a field for the class. It field is a line to follow. You could use some of the vinyl fields for line following or you could use tape. The good thing about today's robot program is that it is not influenced by the color outside of the line. The only thing that is required is a black like. There should be no sharp turns on the line as the Gyro sensor would detect them like an end of the line. 

In the second task for line following of the line we assume that the robot has completed the first task by turning with one motor and with great power. This make the robot jiggle and makes it very difficult to detect the end of the line. In the second task students should make the smooth turns with both motors and to reduce the power. 

What happens, when the robot is pushed our of the line? - Student must understand that when the robot is pushed out of the line, it is no longer jiggling to the left and right, but has sharply turned. They CHANGE could be detect with the new block for the Gyro Sensor. The key word they must here is "change".

After that you should explain the wait block to them. If you gather them all, you could also explain about the other new block - for stopping the program.

At the end the program finishes with detecting the end of the line like a big change in the degrees, starting of an alarm and stopping the program. The alarm could postpone a little the stop of the program, but it is important to inform the passengers on the yacht about the emergency. 

You could find the solution to the task here: https://www.fllcasts.com/programs/ut15gk-program-for-the-ev3-yacht-robot-robotics-supreme

EV3-G program for a solution for the tasks with the yacht

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