How to setup а teacher profile

Every teacher in a group must have a picture and contact phone number. Here we help you set up these attributes.

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  • 11 Jun 2019


Your teacher profile is visible in every group you are conducting. By standing behind your name, showing your face and giving a contact number, parents will have more trust in the organization they are signing to.

You can see what a parent sees about you as a teacher by opening any of the groups listed at Dashboard -> Groups.

Setting up a profile picture

tl;dr - setup a Gravatar profile picture.

At we use Gravatar for profile pictures. In order to set up yours follow these steps:

  1. Check your email associated with your teacher profile. (You can see it in your profile visible in your groups here.) 
  2. Open
    1. If you happen to have a WordPress profile, you can use that profile.
  3. Click Sign In and Create account. Make sure you use the same email that you use at
  4. Open your email and click the activation link sent to you by Wordpress.
  5. Now you will be logged into Wordpress and the page will suggest that you start a blog or website. Ignore that page for the moment.
  6. Open again
  7. On the page, you must see your email. Add an image for it.
  8. Keep the access level go G - good for Global audiences and save.
  9. Wait 5-10 minutes to see that your profile at now has a picture associated with it.

Setting up phone number

Open Dashboard -> Profile. Fill the field Parent phone field with your contact phone. It will be visible on your teacher profile page.

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