How to add a costume to a sprite in Scratch Preview

When 2D characters in video games are animater or change their shape, they actually change "their costumes" for each pose.

As you may have concluded, the costumes are essentially the different shapes that comprise the animated sprite. Now you will find out how to create costumes for your sprites.

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  • 25 Mar 2020

How to create a new character costume

First, you must enter the costumes menu by clicking the "Costumes" button above the block palette:

content picture

Here you will see the costume you have already drawn when you first created your sprite. If you begin drawing now, it will only change the look of the original costume and not create a second one.

To create a second costumeĀ you must select the brush in the menu on the lower-right corner:

content picture

Now you have a second costume, where you can draw a new shape for your sprite.

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