Slide M03 FIRST LEGO League 2020-2021 RePLAY Challenge

The robot slides the people (called “slide figures”) down the slide and moves them to other areas.

  • #1661
  • 31 Aug 2020


  • If only one slide figure is off the slide: 5
  • If both slide figures are off the slide: 20
  • If a slide figure is completely in home: 10 max 
  • If a slide figure is held completely off the mat by the heavy tire and is touching nothing else: 20 max
Picture of 1661-Slide-With-Points Picture of 1661-Slide-With-Points-2


Off the slide” scores if the slide figure’s black frame is past/ below the tip of the slide’s gray slide part.

Notice the score for two slide figures off is 20, not 25.


FLLCasts Tip

The figure at the top can be just pushed with a simple passive attachment, while the robot passes the mission model. You just need to attach it high enough. However, for the second figure you will need to have an active attachment that pushes it upwards until it reaches the top. This can be quite easily solved with some of the box robots with XY mechanism. You need to be careful, where the slide figures fall as it may prove difficult to collect them and bring them pack to base. You can try to put one of the figures on top of the heavy tire, just remember to do it after you have flipped the tire.

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