WRO Junior-High 2014. Sputnik. Following an orbit. Part 2 Pro Preview

We would see how both satellites work together on the World Robotics Olympiad competition. They must both follow different orbits and must cooperate for the mission to be accomplished.

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  • 03 Apr 2016
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Our robot strategy is simple. Just wait for the factory satellite and drop the ball when it comes near us.

Following the orbit

WRO 2014 sputnik EV3 program


- In the previous video we described how the satellite robot works and so now we're going to show it. For this mission we're on the World Robot Olympiad 2014 junior to high field. And that's only part of the field. And in this part of the field we have one that orbits the green one. And one that orbits the black one. This is the factory satellite. And this here is the satellite that we built. Let's see how both satellites work together.

The idea for the factory satellite is that it follows the inner edge of this line, this orbit. And if I now start the program you can see the satellite following the orbit. And now the goal of the other satellite is to collect some of the objects, like this red ball here. Wait for the satellite to come by or the factory satellite. And leave this ball over the satellite in a container. Now we don't have the container. We will have it in some of the next videos. So we'll just wait for our factory satellite to arrive near us. And then place the ball over this satellite. Next we just have to catch the ball with our satellite. I'll start the program now. It takes the ball. Now it moves over the ball to detect the color of the ball. The color is red, which means that we must collect this ball. Then we follow the line until we detect the intersection. And now we wait.

I'll start the other satellite. And as we detect the other satellite, we try to release the ball over the other satellite. And this is where we stop for the current video. For the next videos we'll try to actually place the ball over the satellite. But for this we'll need the container over the satellite and a smarter way to handle the ball. You can find the instructions for building this robot, along with the programs. And in some of the next videos we'll do a short explanation of how the program works, how we detect the intersection and how we detect the ball, where it is, how do we lift it and how do we wait for the other satellite. If you have any questions, just leave them in the comments section below and we'd be happy to answer.

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