FLL 2021: Push on a lever to release - How to accomplish Unlock Cargo Plane mission Pro Preview

In this video tutorial, we demonstrate how to release the cargo of a mission model. This mission model is an Airplane. We have to push a lever down to release it. We use an active attachment with a gear wheel.

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  • 03 Oct 2022
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Active attachments are attached to and controlled by the motors. This one also changes the movement direction by using gears in a different orientation. When accomplishing the mission, we presume that the robot has already aligned.


In this video tutorial we accomplish the Unload cargo plane mission and you can see the mission model on the right. It's this green mission model for this we LEGO Education SPIKE Prime robot with an active attachment connected to one of the motors. Let's see how we accomplished the mission. Let's start the robot move, push or pull on the lever and the cargo, it drops from the plate. This is how the mission is accomplished. What we must do is push or pull this yellow lever right here to the bottom and to help the cargo out. Let's check the program. On my left we can see the program and on the right we can see the recording. Once we reached card playing mission model the program is quite straightforward. So we reach it probably we've aligned to this line right here and that's the decision that we must make. Then it's simple movement. We set speed to the motors, we take the shortest path and move for about 20 centimeters. Here it is a program move start. We are now in the move 20. When we push, we go with motor D, go counterclockwise to position zero and we first turn to 60 degrees, then we go back. Why? Because in this way we push down, we return and we move again 20 CM back. So move forward 20 centimeter, push down. This here is the block that will push down on the active attachment and the lever and this will return the active attachment to its initial position. Here is a program pretty straightforward for this mission. Once you reach the mission model, it's quite easy to accomplish it. See you in the next tutorial. You.

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