FLL 2022: Smart Grid M05 FIRST LEGO League 2022-2023 SUPERPOWERED Challenge

Smart grids use electricity generated from all the different energy sources and distribute it to the consumer where and when it is needed.

Raise your field’s orange connector to complete the smart grid connection with the opposite field.

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  • 17 Aug 2022

Video rules

Youtube video for M05 Smart Grid rules


  • If your field’s orange connector is completely raised: 20
  • Bonus: If both teams’ orange connectors are completely raised: 10 ADDED

The smart grid model may not be touching team equipment at the end of the match

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FLLCasts Tip

This mission is easier that other missions from previous competitions where we had to communicate with the other team. It also is part of the guided mission and there is a program and video provided by FIRST for accomplishing this mission. Having said that the mission is a pull, push mission. Reach the missions model, position next to it and pull.

Smart grid is an easy mission, that requires cooperation in order to get the full 30 points. Before the match you can ask the opposite team if they are doing this mission and assess if it is worth it for your robot to do it. As this mission is at the top of the field, it can be worth it to skip it if you have a strategy that revolves around the bottom part.

The mission itself requires the robot to pull a part so that the "orange connector" (the orange hand) rises, as shown in the pictures. That can be done by simply following the line while having a bent part pull it passively. You can also have a locking type mechanism if you would prefer to approach the mission from the front. Lastly, you can always have a motor that can pull the part pretty easily.