FLL 2022: Hydroelectric Dam M11 FIRST LEGO League 2022-2023 SUPERPOWERED Challenge

Water released from the reservoir turns the turbine wheel to generate electricity.

Send the water unit from the top of the hydroelectric dam into the turbine wheel to release the energy unit.

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  • 25 Aug 2022

Video rules

Youtube video for M11 Hydroelectric Dam rules


  • If the energy unit is no longer touching the hydroelectric dam: 20

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FLLCasts Tip

Hydroelectric dam is a relatively easy mission that grants 20 points for removing the energy unit. The mission itself is right next to the left launch area so it can be done in a short run. To do the mission itself, the robot needs to lift a lever that releases a water unit down to spin the turbine wheel that releases the energy unit. You can do that either with a passive attachment with a bent part or with a simple lifting motor attachment.

This energy unit, while only one, is easy to collect with a passive attachment that is positioned so the energy unit falls into it. If you need one energy unit for other missions, we recommend collecting this one.

In front of the Hydroelectric dam mission there is a looped water unit which we recommend the robot collects, because it is used in M12 Water Reservoir.