FLL 2023: MASTERPIECE SE M04 FIRST LEGO League 2023-2024 MASTERPIECE Challenge

What makes something art? Create an amazing art piece worthy of being displayed in a museum.

You can use the bricks in Bag 4 to build your team’s LEGO® art piece. Bring it to the match and then deliver it on the pedestal to the museum.

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  • 22 Aug 2023

Video rules

Youtube video for M04 Masterpiece SE


  • If your team’s LEGO art piece is at least partly in the museum target area: 10
  • Bonus: And if the art piece is completely supported by the pedestal: 20 ADDED

To score the bonus, at the end of the match, the art piece may only be touching the pedestal and the pedestal may not be touching any team equipment except the art piece

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FLLCasts Tip

To solve this mission, the team should build their own model which should be placed on the platform and pushed to the Museum Target Area.

The passive attachment should firmly hold the pedestal and the model.

If you opt for an active attachment, make sure it also holds the pedestal and the model firmly. Thus, the robot will be able to even drag the attachment and solve several missions at once.

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