FLL 2022: Drop, Pull, Lever, Collect, Deliver - 10 out of 10 for 5 missions with Kriket box robot accomplishing M14 Toy Factory, M05 Smart Grid, M06 Hybrid Car, M07 Energy Unit retrieval Pro Preview

This 10 out of 10 tutorials is about consistency and reliability of the robot when accomplishing 5 missions in a row. We explore how we move between mission models. The programming is in the previous tutorial, here we look and discuss the behaviour of the robot

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This is a 10 out of 10 tutorial where we accomplish five missions. First Toy Factory, FIRST LEGO League 2022 SUPERPOWERED competition. Then, we go and we pull for the smart grid. There is a lever that we must activate for the car, and a couple of other missions. But it's five. Five missions. 10 out of 10. And it works every time. Every time. This is probably the largest number of missions we've accomplished. We've not accomplished, but we've recorded at FLLCasts in all of the tutorials. For this we use the Kriket box robot along with a couple of attachments. And in the previous two tutorials, we've explained, first, how we accomplish the missions, and second, what the programming is and how we program the mission with a couple of principles that you should follow. Here we have the attachment, we have the dinosaur toy that we must bring back to base. And it's a 10 out of 10. Let's see. The robot starts from base. Precisely drops the energy units in the toy factory. Smart grid, car, returns, follows the line, collects the other energy units, or in this particular run, it tried to collect. And this is the first run. We almost got the whole mission except for a few energy units, but I think this robot gets them most of the time. Don't forget to align. We shouldn't forget to align because when we start from base, we use this tool for aligning in base. And with this tool it is easy to have a more repeatable and consistent behavior where every time we start with the robot, we start in the same direction, which helps. Which helps with the consistency. Can we collect them now?

Repair the field? It's five missions. It's five missions. And because it is five missions - is it acceptable that one of the missions, the energy units, sometimes will not be accomplished? Probably, but we try to accomplish all of them. The smart grid kind of disassembled here, so we had to fix it.

Let's now look at the missions one by one. First, the Toy Factory. The Toy Factory is a mission where we must precisely drop three energy units. And the mission, it has a container, the attachment is a container, and this container has a part at the bottom. And with this part, when we move with the robot and when we move close to the mission model, the mission model will push on this part and this will release the energy units into the toy factory container. And you can see a recording from many different runs, from a few different angles that are in the previous tutorials in the same lesson. And this is how we accomplish the Toy Factory. And the Toy Factory is the first of this set of five missions. The second mission is the Car. And for the Car - first, it's a lever mission. There are many missions in FIRST LEGO League that are connected with pushing or pulling on a lever. Most of the time it's like pushing. There is a mission model. On this motion mission model there is a lever, and we must somehow engage with this lever to accomplish the mission. To execute some action and accomplish the mission. This is a category that we have at FLLCasts. That's lever. And if you filter through all of these lever missions, if you filter the tutorials by lever, you'll see accomplishments of such missions. This is the car. It's a Lever. We push on this lever and the car is released. The third mission in this mission run is the Smart Grid. This is the orange mission model right here that looks like a hand, and it has quite a story. And I advise you to go and see the story of the mission model and the idea. But what's important for our recording here is that we categorize this mission as a "pull mission" because we reach the mission model and we have to pull on this mission model. And when we pull, we will lift the hand and this hand will interact with the other team. The other team, they should also do this and we should cooperate with them.

Move, toy factory. Now - the hand, the smart grid, and we pull. And you can see that it's the same attachment. We lift it up and we lower it down, and we can also collect things with this attachment. We can push things, we can pull things, we can do all sorts of things with this attachment. And because of this, we've recorded the previous few missions from this tutorial with this attachment, and now we accomplish the next five missions with the same attachment. I think we are at a total of eight at this moment. Eight missions with a single attachment. Probably, the whole competition could be completed with three, four attachments. Yes, you can have a lot more, but then you have to change them, and you have to save time. Next mission that we should talk about is the Energy Units. We must collect them. To do this, we use the attachment. We collect, and after we collect, we deliver to base.

It's interesting to have the same attachment used for many different actions: for lifting, for pulling, pushing, and for collecting. It's quite a powerful attachment. And if you can figure out a way for any particular competition to have such an attachment, it's much easier this way.

Three or four more runs, I think.

First mission, second mission, third mission, fourth mission - the energy units. You might ask, what is the fifth mission? The fifth mission is the dinosaur toy that we see on the robot. The mission doesn't tell us how we should accomplish it. The mission is to bring the dinosaur toy from one side of the field to the other. And we can bring it there in many different ways. What we've decided to do is to put the dinosaur toy on the robot. On the robot. And because we put it on the robot, we have an additional attachment that keeps the dinosaur toy there. Because of the inertia of the robot, if we don't have an attachment to keep the dinosaur toy, it sometimes falls and we lose points in this way. So, what we've decided to do is to have an attachment to keep the dinosaur toy. And this run failed. Something happened. So it's eight out of ten. I think eight out of ten is a consistent and reliable behavior. Probably if we spend, I don't know, a few hours or probably a day more, we'll be able to get it to ten out of ten. But we also try to have a balance and look at the other missions. Last run. What you should do is to try to replicate the behavior of the robot. Try to build the robot, build the attachment, try to accomplish some of the missions, some of the alternative missions that we will be providing in this course and in this way, you'll experiment with sending, broadcasting messages, with building the attachment, and I hope it is useful. See you in the next tutorial.

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