EV3 Phi. EV3 Brick menu - recent projects Pro Preview

When you first start the EV3 brick, you see the recent programs menu. Let's see what it is all about.

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  • 15 Feb 2017
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Recent programs menu

This list contains programs (not projects) that you have stared at least once.
This is a useful menu for demonstrations because all needed programs will appear there.

Don't rely on Recent programs in class

During development however, this list is not of use. Every time you download a project to the brick, the brick firmware checks the names of the programs in the project.
All programs that are in the downloaded project are cleared from the Recent programs menu.


After you start the brick the first menu that you'll see is the recent programs. And in this video I'd like to take a few minutes to discuss the recent programs menu.

In this menu you see the programs that you've started at least once. And using the up and down keys you can select the program and then you can start the program. What is interesting and what is important to understand here is not to rely on this menu. Why? Because when you develop the programs and when you download them from the computer sometimes, well actually always the program is cleared from this menu when another program is downloaded from the PC.

Especially if it has the same name, it is difficult to know which program exactly are you running. So, don't rely on the recent menu. Always start your programs from the 'My projects'. And this will be the subject of our next video.

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