EV3 brick menu - my projects Pro Preview

The most universal way to start your programs is from My Projects menu and we will cover details about that menu in the EV3 Brick.

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  • 04 Feb 2017
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Navigation in the menus

You choose between Recent and Project menus by using the left and right buttons. Inside the lists of programs and projects you use the up and down arrow keys to navigate and the center button to enter a project and start a program.

Usage of My Projects menu

There is an alphabetical list of the projects that you have downloaded in the brick.

You cannot start the whole project, you must choose a project, inside of which you will find a list of programs. Then you should choose the desired program and press the center button to start it.

You cannot delete individual programs from the brick. You must delete the whole project. If you wish to delete an unused project - press the center button and confirm the "trash can" question.


The main way, the basic way in which you start your programs from the brick is from the My projects menu. And in this video we'll take a look at the My projects menu.

When you enter into the menu you can move up and down again with the up and down keys. And then what's important is that the projects are in alphabetical order. So, you can find the name of your project. Then when you find your project you cannot run a project, you can only run a program in the project. And when using the software you'll see the difference between program and projects. But note that you can only run a program, not a project.

I'll have here selected the project and if I now move down I have the program and now I can start the program with this central button. And you can also delete the projects from this menu. If I just select the project, then I click. I see two options - one is Bluetooth connection and the other is delete. And now I can just delete. And here I'm asked to confirm. And for confirmation I'll just move and delete my projects. I always recommend to use the projects menu for starting your programs. Don't rely on the recent programs menu.

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