EV3 Phi. Teacher's note about a cup of water on the robot Pro Preview

How to place the cup on the robot so that the challenge is challenging.

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  • 10 Apr 2017
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Center of gravity

The center of gravity must be high so that the experiment is successful (so that the cup falls).
The LEGO glass must be with handle up so that it easily tumbles.


A note for the teacher for bringing this cup and how do you place it on the robot and how should students place this cup of water on the robot.

You could think for this cup as a cup that's positioned like this or a cup that's positioned like this. You can even think of a cup that's positioned like this. So, there are different ways to position this cup. And in order for this module to work correctly and for us to be able to show the acceleration and the inertia we must place the cup specifically like this. Because then we have the center of gravity up in the construction and this will make the whole cup fall when the robot moves and when the robot accelerates. So, when the robot accelerates it will just move back. But if we have the cup positioned like this what will happen is that first we have more friction and then the center of gravity is low in the structure in the construction. And it won't move and even if students accelerate very much with the robots the cup will probably stay on the display. That's why it's important just to place the cup like this. And try to convince the students that this is how you hold the cup and this is how you drink from it.

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