EV3 Phi. Adjust motor power Pro Preview

How to control the speed of the motors and the speed of the robot.

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  • 15 Apr 2017
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Speed in the EV3 software

Take a Move block. The second port of the block is labeled "Power". Set it to 10% and the robot will move slowly.
Set it to 100% and the robot will move as fast as its motors possibly can.


What you should do is to try to control the speed of the robot and from there you also control if this cup will fall by controlling the speed. And let's see how we control the speed from the software. There is a setting in the move steering block for power and we'll use this setting to make the robot move faster or slower.

First, we'll make the robot move very slowly. We take a move steering block, drag and drop it and we set like 0.5 rotations.

Then we set the power to 10%.

This will make the whole robot move very slowly. And probably the cup will not fall. Let's try the program.

The robot is moving very slowly. The cup is not falling. Can we make it move like with 100% power? For this I'll just take another block, another steering block, set the rotations to 1 rotation and set the power to 100% the maximum power of our motors.

You see that first the robot moves very slowly and then with 100% power moves very fast and the cup falls. This brings us to our next task.

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