Pivot turn around a corner using a Large Motor Block Pro Preview

We will show you the most reliable way to turn with your robot.

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  • 22 Apr 2017
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What is a pivot turn

The most reliable way to turn with a robot is the pivot turn when only one motor moves.
Interestingly enough, in order to turn to the left, we must move only the right wheel.
And vice versa, for a right turn, we move the left wheel.

To achieve that, we will use а Large motor block.

Large motor block in the EV3 Software

In the green action palette, find the Large motor block. Carefully check the port of the motor, as the selected port is D by default and our motors are connected to ports B and C.



In this video we'll look at how the robot does a pivot turn and goes to the other room to take our cup of water.

The most reliable way to turn to the side of the robot either the left side or the right side and this is my right and my left is to use a pivot turn where only one of the wheels is rotating. If I just with my hand catch one of the wheels and move the other, you can see that the robot is turning right. Then I'll just block the left wheel and move the right and the robot is turning left. If I move the left wheel, the robot is turning right. If I move the right wheel, the robot is turning left. And that's a very reliable way of turning. For this turning we'll use the large block. Of course, we can use the other blocks in the software and we an achieve the same thing but our recommendation is to always use the large block for pivot turns. Let's go to the program and see how we do this turn. I'll just move forward with the tank block for let's say 2 rotations and then we use the large motor block and we have this blcok in the actions pallet - Large Motor block. And we say: Okay, we want to do 1 rotation with motor B. And we want this rotation to be with the power of 50. Probably this will be okay but we just have to check. And after we rotate for 1 rotation with motor B then again we move forward with the tank block. And this block here - the Large Motor block will make the robot pivot and it will turn to the right because motor B on our robot is the left motor.

Let me start it again so that you can see it on the camera. The robot moves forward,

it turns but it does not turn exactly to the right. It just turns slightly to the right. And in the next video we'll try to improve this program to make the robot turn exactly to the right.

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