Improving FLL Robot Game. Task. Drive the mechanism. Change Gears orientation

Experiment with changing the orientation and direction of gear wheels. Here are part of the tasks that you should complete before moving forward with the course.

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  • 23 Mar 2017
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Following are a few tasks for changing the orientation between two axles. And the tasks are the following. We have a driving axle - this one here with the yellow bush - that's the driving axle. And you must construct a mechanism that when I'm driving the driving axle the driven axle - the one with the gear wheel will also move. This is one of the tasks. And the others are similar. Try to solve them. These are all tasks for changing the direction, changing the orientation. Drive the one with the yellow bush and this should result in the other axle also moving.

Of course, at the end send us pictures or videos of the mechanism that you've built so that we can see them and return some feedback.

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