Improving FLL Robot Game. Gears skipping a tooth. Common problem Pro Preview

One of the very common problems with the LEGO Mindstorms and LEGO Technic Gear wheels is then a tooth is skipped. In this video, I would like us to discuss this challenge and how do we solve it.

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  • 25 Mar 2017
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Beams on both sides

The rule is simple. If there is an axle with a gear wheel than on both sides of the gear wheel you must have a beam. This will prevent the wheel from skipping a tooth.


When using a system of gears and in our case the scissor mechanism for lifting the robot is a system of gear wheels one of the most common problems is when a tooth is skipped. Like this. So, you apply some pressure at a certain point, both of the wheels might bend and this happens because the robot is quite heavy and a tooth could be skipped. How do we solve this problem? The solution is extraordinary simple and it's very easy to do. But you should remember to do it always. And the rule is the following. If you have a gear wheel attached on an axle, then on both sides of the gear wheel you must have a beam, like this. And now this will prevent the gear wheels to skip a tooth and now you should probably add a bush here - a small yellow one or you can attach the gray beam to the whole construction. It's a matter of detail but the important thing is to have a beam on both sides of the gear wheel. This will prevent skipping the teeth. And that's a very very important rule because you cannot use a system of gears if you just have the gears on an axle without a beam on both sides. Because when you have more torque and it will make the whole construction bend and you'll start skipping the teeth.

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