Improving FLL Robot Game. Task. Fix attachment to make it durable and stable Pro Preview

Following the principles from the previous video, try to make the attachment that you've built, more stable and durable. 

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  • 03 Apr 2017
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Fix the legs, the sides with additional beam, so that they don't bend and disassemble. 


Depending on the attachment that you've built try to make your whole attachment more steady, more durable with the same principles. Try to fix the legs of your attachment. Try to fix some of the sides with additional beams so that they don't bend and they don't disassemble. If you are using this attachment, just continue with adding the beams at the front and the beams at the back so that you can follow the rest of the course. Don't forget to send us pictures and videos of the modifications that you've done so that we can return some feedback for your achievement.

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