VEX IQ Crossover. Teacher Note. Extend to grab a second object Pro Preview

  • #535
  • 15 Jun 2017
  • 1:44


A short note for the teacher for when the students are extending an attachment that can manipulate a single object to an attachment that can manipulate two objects. The first thing that you should make sure is that each group of students in your class have the single attachment constructed. And we've even included the building instructions in this section of the course so they should follow the building instructions and build the single attachment. I don't have it currently because I would like to show this one but try to have first the single attachment that could grab a single ball. Then as you have it and each of the teams and each of the groups of students have a single attachment we then continue with extending this attachment so that it can manipulate more objects at a time. In this case - two objects at a time. But first, start from a single attachment. You might have the single attachment constructed from a previous class but even if you don't have it, you could direct the students to do it again because it's a nice exercise if they've already constructed this single attachment in the previous class and it took them like 15 minutes, now it could take them 10 minutes because it will happen much faster. They know the idea of the attachment and it's a really nice exercise to do the construction of the same attachment a few times in the whole course. And this is why we are repeating the construction of the same single attachment.