VEX IQ Crossover. Teacher Note. Attaching triple attachment to a robot Pro Preview

  • #542
  • 15 Jul 2017
  • 1:53


A note for the teacher for the time when the students have to attach a triple attachment not this one but the one they've built to the robot. The task that the students are currently solving is to attach their attachment that should handle 3 objects at a time and manipulate them to a robot. The problem is that when you attach an even larger attachment to a robot it will be much more heavier at the front. And as we've previously discussed this will move the center of balance of the robot. And they should again try to add some weigth at the back of the robot and it is somewhere here. Or they could think of different ways to support this whole attachment. It is possible for them for example to add some wheels on each side of the attachment. If it's a very large attachment and they add some wheels, it will just move forward and it could even rotate if they have omni wheels on the two sides of the attachment. Yes, it will be kind of a large attachment and they need some kind of a support or this support might entirely be in the robot and now it's time for them to experiment and to try. And you should not probably expect a complete result here, a completely perfect solution but the idea is to direct them to change the construction of the robot in a way that it could support the weight of this attachment that could move and grab objects. Supporting: first, they could do some support right here at the bottom with some wheel or the two sides or they could place some weight at the back of the robot.