Tetrix FTC. Task. Attach the ball storing pipe to the robot Pro Preview

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  • 08 Jul 2017
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Tetrix FTC Pipe attachment constructions

Shows the pipe attachment constructions that is mounted on the robot. The pipe is than mounted on this constuctions


Here is a task for you. Use the hex driver along with 4 screws and 4 nuts to attach the pipe to the robot. And I'll start from this side and I'll use my finger.

What you should do is with one of your arms you keep the nut below the c-channel and with the other arm you use the tool to rotate the screw. And then you continue and do this for the rest of the screws and the nuts. 4 screws with 4 nuts is pretty much okay. So, attach the pipe to the robot. As we have the mechanism fixed to the robot and at this stage the pipe will not be fixed to the mechanism so what we should do is use a duck or an electrical tape. It's better to use an electrical tape because it's more elastic and it gives you more freedom. What you should do is take the pipe move it closer to the mechanism. This side on the high of the pipe where you want it exactly placed should be about 2 cm or 1 inch from the ground for this specific robot and then you attach with an electrical tape. At then end you use the tools to make some holes in the electrical tape and from there you fix the electrical tape to the c-channels.

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