Quick Pinless Attachments for LEGO EV3 Competition Robots (Part 1) Pro Preview

You think that you can quickly change the attachments of your LEGO Mindstorms EV3 competition robot? Are you sure? In this first episode of the series you will see how to create and attach attachments without using pins and how faster and easier this could be. You will see the design logic of a few attachments and how they work on the field. 

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  • 30 Nov 2014
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The first part shows a construction similar to the one shown in Episode 60. The construction presents the logic of how to make a quick pinless attachment. The robot from Episode 58 has been used for the current presentation.

Attachment base

The second part of the video shows how to make a base for various pinless attachments. Usually, there are two bases designed for one robot. While the robot is using one of the bases on the field, the other remains with the team who attach the construction necessary for the following missions. When the robot returns to the base, the quick pinless attachment base is removed and the other one is attached and vice versa.


The third part of the video shows how to build an adapter. This is a construction connecting the base to the attachment. One adapter could be used for several attachments. It is also possible to have an adapter for each attachment.

The purpose of the base, the adapter and the quick pinless attachment is to save parts which could be used for the making of whole attachments.

The last part of the video shows how the robot behaves on the field.

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Instruction for building the Quick Attachments

Instructions for building the quick attachments for this LEGO robot

Pinless attachment FIRST LEGO League 2012 missions example program

The example program used at the end for solving the FIRST LEGO League 2012 missions

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