FIRST LEGO League with LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor. "Challenge" competition for 9-16 years old


Turn with Robot Inventor

Turn precisely with the Gyro Sensor

Move staight with the Gyro Sensor

Wrong Positioning

Position with distance sensor

Align using the wall and mission models

Align using two Color Sensors and a line

Cover for color sensors

Quick Pin less attachments on a robot

Quick Pinless attachments below a robot

Easy to manually detach attachments

Automatically detached attachments

Taking Loops with Grab Attachments

Active Attachments for changing gears orientation

Reusable Attachments for changing gears orientation

Front/Side/Top attachments

Drop Attachments

Lift Attachment - circular motion

Lift Attachment - vertical motion

Push/Pull attachments

Throw Attachments

Flip Attachment

More competition robots chassis

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