Cardan Joint Robotics Challenge

We challenge you to build a construction of cardan joints that transfers power to a maximum angle. Submit your solutions to and win an award. Use the challenge in home or in the classroom. Initial Deadline is 18 of Aprill 2015.

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  • 18 Mar 2015
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The Cardan Joint challenge is the first of a series of challenges that we would use to teach and share. One learns more by doing that just by watching. 

Prepare a video or a picture of your solution and email it to 

You can always submit solutions after the deadline, but this will not affect the score for this robotics challenge.


- While working on the construction and experimenting with how do we position the motors on this construction, we came up with an idea for a very interesting challenge and it includes these Cardan joints. I've seen them in many competitions and I know that students like to use them. And the challenge goes as follows: using the motor, the maximum number of joints that you have in your robotic sets, try to transfer the power to the greatest angle possible. For example, like, in this case, we're transferring the power to a zero angle so there's no angle. But now, when we have one of the axles at a certain angle and we do transfer power. And then we can add another joint and another axle and push in the shaft and now we can transfer the power like this. And if we add another joint and at the beginning, we add the motor, the challenge is: what is the maximum degree at which we can transfer a power?