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While disconnecting the cables it is difficult to get lost. The students just disconnect cables. But when they are connecting them at the end they must have them working. It is easy for them and the whole group to get lost. It has happened a few times. Here are a few things of what you could do if you get lost and something is not working. 

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  • 23 Mar 2018


Do the class yourself alone before the class. This is an absolute must. Follow the teacher notes in each section. Do not rush the group. If time is not enough, make more time for these sections. 

Connect the car yourself

It is a process that requires some preparation. A few days before each class spend some time to actually move through the content and connect the car yourself. It is very easy to lose the interest of students if you are not prepared yourself. Even if you are a professional engineer, the process of connecting the motors to the controller involves a number of details. Details that are important, that are mentioned in the course, but nevertheless, you should be prepared for them. Move through the content yourself.

It should be fun. Keep the spirit up

In each section, we've provided notes for the students and notes for the teacher on what to do if something is not working. This whole process of finding what is not working, experimenting, working with your hands should be a fun activity for the students. If the challenge that they are facing is too complicated they would give up and the classes would become quite tedious. As a teacher try to motivate and direct them and to keep the spirit up by constantly bringing up the end result of the whole activity - having your own smart car controlled with a phone. 

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