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EV3 Phi. Task for turning. Try it yourself.

Experiment with the software for about five minutes, before we even give you any directions.

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  • 19 Apr 2017
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The Waiter task

The robot must come to you, wait for an instruction and then turn in place and leave.


First, the task. Try to implement the task with the blocks that you know and with experimenting with the other blocks and then we'll discuss the solution of this task. So, we want to make the robot move forward, come to us, so that we can give this service robot some instructions how we would like to be served. And then it will spin around and return. Like this.

So, it moves forward, waits for a number of seconds, spins around and returns. Because we've given it some instructions. Try to implement this task and then we'll continue forward with the solution of this task.

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