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Tetrix FTC. Teacher's note about constructing an attachment for collecting balls. Pro Preview

In this robotics tutorial, we give a few notes for the teacher about adding an axle to the front of the FTC robot and attaching a plastic plate to this axle to make the robot collect balls. 

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  • 23 May 2017
  • 2:23

Prepare in advance for the class

It could take a day or two to find the plate and the axle since they are not in the set. You can direct the students to do this, but nevertheless, it takes time so you should plan for this. You can buy 1-2 sq. meters from the plastic and leave the students to cut it.

Organise a competition

How good have the different students fixed the plate to the axle? Just hold the plastic with a hand while the axle rotates. If the axle still rotates then the plastic is not well fixed. 

FTC PushBot Modified Robot for Collecting Balls with Plastic Plate

These are buliding instructions for the FTC robot and collecting attachments with it. We are doing small modifications of the push bot.


A few notes for the teacher about adding the axle to the front of the robot and attaching a plastic plate to this axle.

First thing are the plastic plate and the axle and where you get them from. Now, these elements are not in the set so you should prepare in advance for the class. And if you have them from another class, you can just use them. If you don't have them, you should prepare for this. And it could take some time like a day or two to find the different elements. Now, you can tell the students to go and find them and to buy them and to prepare them but again it requires some additional planning before the class. You must have these elements. So, you can't do it without them. You must find the axle and have it prepared - cut probably. And you must have the plastic. It is a good idea that this plastic comes in square meters so you can buy 1 or 2 square meters from it and just leave the students to cut it. Second thing if you have 2, 3 or more from these robots, what you should try to do is to direct the students to build different plastic plates and probably to modify them - to cut them, to play with them, to experiment and at the end you can have a competiiton and on this competition you can measure different things: how many element can you place right here; if you hold the plastic with your hand, would it slide between because the main friction is between the axle and the plastic plate. It is interesting if you just hold it with your hand, would it stop the motor? And this is also a nice experiment to test the durability of the whole construction. So, these are some of the things that you can do with the students just to try to direct them all of them to have different constructions at the front of the robot. It is probably more difficult but at the end you would have the opportunity to discuss the different constructions.

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