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Overview of the FLLCasts Platform

At FLLCasts we develop the content and the software for organizing classes with students in the field of technical science. There are concepts like "Tutorial", "Course", "Group", "Enrollment" and others that are used in the industry and although we kind of understand all of them there are different definitions and understandings.

We mostly differ in the industry in our understanding of what is a "Course" and what is "Group" and how do they relate to each other.

As you learn and integrate more with FLLCasts it is important that we share a common understanding of what is what. 

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  • 14 Nov 2018


Here is probably all you need to know if you don't want to enter into the details.

At FLLCasts we provide the "Content" and the "Software" for organizing classes. Content is formed from Tutorials, Building Instructions, Courses and others.

Courses are like books. You open them and read them. Courses are actually Tutorials, Programs, Tasks that are in sequence.

The Group is where Instructors and Students work together, not the Course. The Group has a start, end, schedule. Each Group is in an Organization like a Team, School, Library, etc. 

Users subscribe to FLLCasts and based on the subscription they receive access to different software features and content. Schools could buy the subscriptions for the students or students could buy them themself  

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