1. Lifting a Mindstorms LEGO robot

Lifting a robot. Introduction

The FIRST LEGO League competition is similar each year. With a little experience you could accomplish most of mission. The goal of this episode is to introduce you to the course, its purpose and approach.  

Divide and conquer

The competition could be divided in three parts.

  1. Building a robot construction
  2. Building attachments and programming the robot for this attachments
  3. Grouping the missions of the field in as less runs as possible

Improving FLL Robot Game. Introduction to task for Lifting

We've already build a number of resources for lifting at FLLCasts.com. But at the end of this course we would have a robot that lifts itself and hangs on the mission model.

Links for lifting


This is just the search on the term "lifting"

Divide and conquer

Again we separate the task on a few simpler steps:

  1. Build an attachment for hanging on the mission model
  2. Lift to the mission model


Improving FLL Robot Game. Places you could lift your robot onto.

Where should you lift the robot? Especially if you don`t have the mission model that we are using


Build one

This is the first task. Where should you lift?. Try building one mission model with the part that you have. It could be just similar. No need to be the same.

Lift on the box

Using the boxes of the EV3 Mindstorms sets is also possible. 

Should you use the BOX robot

You can use the Box robot that we are using. Here is the course - Box Robot Two. Fewer parts and one motor. Simplifying a robot. We advise you to build it. But you could also use any robot that you have. You can even use a Five-Minute robot. 


Choose a place where you could lift the robot

Building a mission model

This could be a mission model as in the FLL 2016-2017 Animal Allies competition, or you could build one yourself. It should be about 1.5 the height of the robot, or even higher. Building the mission model is up to you. Use the parts that you have. 

Using a box or other objects

If you do not have enough parts you could use one of the Mindstorms boxes. Just put it over a few books to make it higher. 

Improving FLL Robot Game. Teacher Note. Places you could lift your robot onto.

How to organize the different robots and group of students when working on lifting the robot.

Different robot

Each group could work with a different robot. You can construct the Box robot. This is our recommendation. 

Each student on different mission model

How to approach the organization of the groups in class when using different robots?

Set the height

When lifting the height of the mission model or the box is very important. Do not set it to high or to low.