EV3-G MyBlock for waiting until the boat is at the right angle

This MyBlock is made in substitution for a regular wait-gyro-rate block. It is made with a filter so that big differences in sensor data don't show up as much. It also uses only absolute values of the data so negative or positive angle on the gyro sensor does not matter. The MyBlock ends, when the rate is below a certain value, which is inputed by a parameter.

By default the Gyro sensor is connected on port 2 but if your robot is different, make sure to change the blocks to suit it.

How to open?

Programs with extension *.ev3 could be opened EV3 Lab Software sometimes referred to as EV3-G. It could be found throught theĀ EV3 Lab Software section on the LEGO Website.

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  • 02 May 2019

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