LEGO Mindstorms Education (LME) EV3-G full setup 1.4.2 software for Windows 32 - No Scratch and working on Windows 7

This is the LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3-G software that was available from LEGO until October 2020. It is the version for Windows that is not Electron based and not Scratch based. It had all the good features that LEGO decided to drop and make things "easier" for students and slowly migrate to Scratch. LEGO decided to stop the Mindstorms EV3-G software and they are now (as of October 2020) distributing new versions of EV3-G. They decision affected a lot of schools. The new software is running only on Window 10 and there are lots of schools and teams using and relying on Window 7. We are preserving the version here for teams and students to use.

We can offer no support what's so ever for this version and we are asking LEGO if they are OK with us hosting this version publicly and making it available. Hope they would allow us.

  • #ljs8tv
  • 09 Oct 2020