Turtle Program

A collection of MyBlocks, that help you use the Turtle robot. The MyBlocks used are the following:
FollowCourse: Makes the turtle rotate, until it reaches the course it uses. If it's already on it, this MyBlock makes the turtle go forward. It uses the power you set it on.
PickNewCourse: Makes the turtle pick a new course.
HideInShell: Makes the turtle hide in its shell for the designated amount of seconds.
CurrentAndDesiredCourse: Displays the Current course and the course it wants on the display of the robot.

Careful: Gyro Sensor port in this program is port 3. Check your cables when you run this program.

NOTE: The program contains my blocks, that will appear broken if you use any version before 1.3.0 of the EV3 Mindstorms Software

How to open?

Programs with extension *.ev3 could be opened EV3 Lab Software sometimes referred to as EV3-G. It could be found throught the EV3 Lab Software section on the LEGO Website.

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  • 22 Feb 2019

Courses and lessons with this Program

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