Teacher's Notes: Land Mines Pro Preview

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  • 08 Feb 2019

In the tasks above we have tried to steal the phone without changing the weight the sensor measures and still we managed to replace the exhibit. You must have seen in movies that land mines follow exactly the same principle. If someone steps on a land mine, it will activate only after they remove their foot or press the mine harder.

If you like, you can show your students pictures of war scenes or children injured by land mines. War is something terrible. It is not only spectacular explosions in movies or colorful pixels on PC games.
[a picture of disabled children with artificial limbs]

A teacher’s story:

There was an 11-year-old student who used to claim that even if he had been injured in the arm, he would have moved the machine gun to his other arm and continued firing. Then I went to him and gave him a strong pinch. The student put his both hands on the spot after which I asked him whether he was still so sure about what he had just said.

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